I call in each area on a monthly basis . some customers like their windows cleaned every month, others choose to receive my services every other month or every 3 months.

I appreciate most people are at work when I call. If this is the case I can call back for payment or make some other convenient arrangement.

I also offer the facility for payment to be made online via bank transfer. This option is becoming more popular these days .

If you have a gate that is locked for access to the rear of your property , I can text the the day before I call .

Why us?

Over the years that I have been a window cleaner , I have seen many new competitors arising ! However they often prove to be unreliable , and very often a lot of my new customers come to me after being let down by their old window cleaner. I have been cleaning windows for some customers for over two decades now . So if you are just wanting reliability , and an efficient service . give me a call